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Our 360-degree approach

Rigorous, flexible, and personalized.

Groupe AGÉCO | Our 360-degree approach

Supporting you in your strategic decisions

Our multidisciplinary team provides customized support that takes into account the economic, environmental, social, and governance aspects of your business.

Creating a solid foundation

As a Quebec pioneer in agri-food analysis and strategy and a leader in corporate responsibility, our team will help you identify and understand your issues, analyze your stakeholders’ expectations, and evaluate your practices. Our robust quantitative and qualitative approaches ensure optimal results.

Groupe AGÉCO | Our 360-degree approach | Understand

Providing clear and reliable diagnostics that pave the way for informed decision-making

We are on the cutting edge of advances in our fields of expertise and participate in the methodological development of emerging issues and themes. Our team has mastered the platforms and benchmarks commonly used in corporate responsibility (CDP, S&P, EcoVadis, SASB, GRI, SBTi, TCFD, the UN’s ODD, etc.), as well as the recognized standards and methodologies (ISO 14040-44, 14064-3:, GHG Protocol, etc.)

Our services:

  • Economic analysis
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Carbon footprint
  • Industry workforce diagnostics
  • Market research
Groupe AGÉCO | Notre approche 360 degrés | Take action

Moving from vision to action

We will accompany you from the strategic planning stage through the implementation of your action plans. The fact that we are as much at home in strategy as we are in the field is what sets us apart. We know best practices and understand how organizations work.

Our services:

  • Strategic planning for industries, associations, and companies
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainable development policies
  • Responsible sourcing and packaging management policies
Groupe AGÉCO | Our 360-degree approach | Communicate

Putting words into action

Communicating clearly and summarizing complex subjects for internal and external clients is often a major challenge. Our team is here to provide training, develop credible content, and create tools that support you in your communications.

We can help you effectively highlight your achievements, actions, and results in a transparent and nuanced way, so that your company can shine while avoiding greenwashing.

Our services:

  • Providing guidance to your internal teams on good environmental communication practices
  • Conferences and training
  • Infographics and reporting

Looking for a personalized and rigorous 360-degree approach?

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