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Groupe AGÉCO

The world is changing, companies are transforming.

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre entreprise
Groupe AGÉCO | Cabinet d'experts-conseil

Consultants in agri-food analysis and strategy and social and environmental responsibility

Groupe AGÉCO is a leader in agri-food economics and corporate responsibility. An industry forerunner for the past 20 years, we help organizations navigate a constantly changing business environment by reconciling performance, quality, and social acceptability.

Our 360-degree approach addresses economic as well as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues — all of which are now essential to any organization’s success. By helping our clients analyze their situation, develop appropriate strategies, and highlight their achievements, we allow them to take full advantage of their business environment.

Our agri-food analysis and strategy servicesOur agri-food analysis and strategy servicesOur social and environmental responsibility servicesOur social and environmental responsibility services

Our multidisciplinary team

Composed of engineers, agronomists, economists, and managers, our team combines expertise, experience, rigour, dynamism, and innovation.

Our profiles compliment one another, allowing us to provide diversified skills and solid technical expertise. We take a fresh and informed look at our clients’ issues by combining objective facts and data with human consideration. Your company will benefit from our experts’ practical, concrete, and multifaceted approach to meeting your business’s needs.

At Groupe AGÉCO, establishing a sincere and trusting relationship with each of our clients is the key to a long and beneficial partnership.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre entreprise
Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe multidisciplinaire

What defines us

What we do

As a leader in the agri-food economy and corporate responsibility sectors, we help organizations navigate a changing business environment that demands a balance between performance, quality and social acceptability.

What we aspire to

To be the trusted partner of the most ambitious organizations in their intentional transitions towards the adoption of practices that respect our world.

To what do we want to contribute

A world where knowledge guides decisions and values inspire action.

What our customers can expect

An exemplary rigor of execution

Determination to make a difference

Objective advice

A human-oriented approach

What guides us


We combine our expertise and skills and work closely together to reach our objectives.

Rigour and quality

We approach our work with care and precision and maintain a high level of quality in all the steps leading to the fulfilment of our mandates.

Innovation and creativity

We rely on creativity and innovation in our work methods to develop solutions that are tailored and relevant to each situation.

Looking for the perfect balance between expertise and a human approach?

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