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Our collaborators

At Groupe AGÉCO, we cultivate collective intelligence.

Groupe AGÉCO | Nos collaborateurs
Groupe AGÉCO | Nos collaborateurs

At Groupe AGÉCO, we can count on the support of a valuable network of collaborators in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world. These partners are involved in mandates that require geographical presence, expertise, or knowledge that is complementary to that of our team. Their support allows us to increase the relevance of our interventions according to our clients’ needs.


Groupe AGÉCO | Nos collaborateurs | Diane Gilbert

Diane Gilbert, B.Sc.

Diane Gilbert began her career with the Groupe de recherche en économie et politique agricoles (GREPA) at Université Laval from 1988 to 2000, first as project manager and then as Assistant Director of Operations. After co-founding Groupe AGÉCO in 2000, she served as Executive Director for 20 years.

Diane is particularly respected for her ability to lead survey projects and for her expertise in determining production costs, an area in which she has over 30 years of experience. She also specializes in the development of data collection tools as well as data validation and analysis.

Groupe AGÉCO and Diane Gilbert

Diane now works with Groupe AGÉCO as an Economic Studies Consultant. Diane’s expertise, rigour, and neutrality are recognized and appreciated in Quebec’s agricultural sector.

Groupe AGÉCO | Nos collaborateurs | Jch-consult

Jacques Chavaz

Jacques Chavaz is an agricultural engineer, specializing in animal sciences as well as agricultural economics and politics. He has worked for and with Swiss dairy farmers and producers for many years. His 12 years as Deputy Director General of the Federal Office for Agriculture (Swiss Ministry of Agriculture) from 2002 to 2014 placed him at the heart of national and international issues concerning the European and international agri-food economy.

Groupe AGÉCO and Jacques Chavaz

With his wealth of experience and solid expertise in evaluating European agricultural policies, Jacques Chavaz is a long-time partner. Jacques’s interest in social responsibility issues in agriculture allows him to play a strategic role for Groupe AGÉCO in mandates requiring a physical presence in Europe and a finely honed understanding of the sustainable development issues experienced by the agri-food sector. In a context of globalized markets and increasing trade with Europe, our collaborations with Jacques provide us with leading-edge expertise in the comparative analysis of the Canadian and European agri-food business environment, programs, and policies.

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