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Our conferences

Inform, inspire and motivate.

Groupe AGÉCO | Conférences éducatives

Groupe AGÉCO has a team of experienced speakers ready to address a broad spectrum of topics on agri-food and corporate responsibility.

Our speakers:

  • Contribute to your organization’s discussions
  • Confirm your organization’s reputation by presenting on themes that are important to you
  • Summarize information on themes or issues that are of concern to you
  • Present issues and recommendations in a clear and dynamic manner to a wider audience
  • Complement your organization’s training program
  • Moderate debates between panelists

Whether you are looking for ways to inform, inspire, motivate, change perceptions, or call others to action, our conferences provide new offerings every year to meet your needs.

Custom-made conferences for your events

Depending on your interests, we can work with you to design a conference or training workshop that will meet your expectations in terms of both content and format.

Current conference offerings include:

Please note that conference prices and duration are provided upon request and can be adapted to meet your needs and expectations.

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