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A multidisciplinary team with a human perspective

Composed of engineers, agronomists, economists, and managers, our multidisciplinary team combines expertise, experience, rigour, dynamism, and innovation. We possess a wealth of experience and a wide array of skills and apply them to current and emerging organizational issues.

With Groupe AGÉCO, you benefit from our 360-degree approach. The support we provide is built on a nuanced and rigorous life cycle perspective that is perfectly adapted to the realities of your business. Our recommendations are based on facts and your stakeholders’ concerns and are designed to support informed decision-making.

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  • A dynamic, innovative, and accessible team
  • The application of solid technical knowledge and rigour
  • Support adapted to the realities of your business
  • A comprehensive, nuanced, and uncompromising perspective on the complex challenges facing your organization
  • User-friendly, action-oriented results
  • A practical, concrete, and varied toolbox of skills
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Groupe AGÉCO | Équipe multidisciplinaire

A look at our team

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Alexis Terriault

Alexis Terriault

Alexis Terriault holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development from the Université de Montréal. Following various work experiences as a sustainable development manager and consultant, he joined the AGÉCO Group in 2023 as a corporate responsibility analyst.

The driving force behind his career path is his desire to be a catalyst for change towards a sustainable economy. Alexis has conducted carbon footprint audits, research on carbon pricing policies around the world, and ESG (environment, social & governance) maturity assessments for a large development capital network.

Curious by nature, he likes to keep abreast of best practices in sustainable development across all industries. Known for his rigour and analytical mind, he seeks to simplify the journey of companies by helping to develop sustainable business strategies and improve ESG performance.

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514 439-9724

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Antoine Audy-Julien
General manager

Antoine Audy-Julien, B.Com.

A Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) - Finance from Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, Antoine is currently the general manager of Groupe AGÉCO.

Passionate about Quebec's flagship enterprises, meaningful human relations, corporate strategy and sustainable value creation, Antoine has spent over a decade advising organizations of all sizes in Quebec's major economic sectors in his work as a business strategist.

A seasoned strategic retreat facilitator, executive coach, local business advisor, co-author and speaker for several province-wide strategic studies on sector mobilization, Antoine has supported the general management and boards of directors of a wide range of organizations in the implementation of successful strategies and robust factual foundations.

As the general manager of Groupe AGÉCO, Antoine brings his wealth of leadership experience in consulting firms to support the company in its evolution and vision.

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418 527-4681

Groupe AGÉCO | Our team

Antoine Laffitte

Antoine Laffitte grew up on a family vegetable farm and is passionate about vegetable production and the whole agricultural industry. He joined the AGÉCO Group in 2022 as an intern when he was completing the final year of his bachelor’s degree in agroeconomics. Today, as a graduate of Laval University, he works as an analyst in the Economic Studies team.

Formerly with MAPAQ, he has acquired experience on a sheep farm, and still participates in the family vegetable farm, where he is primarily responsible for seeding and administration.

Antoine has solid experience in the field and a good understanding of the current and future challenges in the agri-food sector. His strong analytical skills and knowledge of the field and theory make him an ideal collaborator on a number of projects within the AGÉCO team.

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418 527-4681

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Bastien Roure
Practice leader, Climate change

Bastien Roure, TREP. Eng., M. Sc. A.

Bastien Roure holds an engineering degree from EPF (France) and a research master’s degree in civil engineering from LIRIDE at the University of Sherbrooke. He joined the Groupe AGÉCO in March 2021 as a Senior Analyst in the Corporate Responsibility team.

Bastien’s master’s degree focused on integrating sustainable development into engineering education through the tools of life cycle assessment (LCA). He has been applying this approach to engineering education as a lecturer at the Université de Sherbrooke since 2017. Meanwhile, Bastien helps numerous companies and organizations at AGÉCO to tackle their environmental challenges, by implementing sustainable solutions supported by LCA, among other things.

Bastien is driven by his commitment to contribute to the transition towards a genuinely sustainable society by supporting robust and reliable analysis for effective change. He is dedicated to deliver high-quality, professional work while remaining true to his values.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Bertrand Montel
Director Scientific Affairs - Economic Studies

Bertrand Montel, Ph. D.

Bertrand started his career in France, conducting research on the economy and the organization of livestock sectors in France and the Netherlands through a sustainable development perspective. Upon arriving in Canada in 2003, he worked as a risk manager and an economist and strategist for major Canadian banks in agriculture and agribusinesses lending. He is a member of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, the Agricultural Advisory Group of Accounting Standards Board and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Bertrand brings leading-edge expertise in the funding and development of Canada’s agricultural and agri-food sectors and the international trade of agricultural products. He is also passionate about strategic foresight and is working to develop its use in the agricultural and agri-food world. Through the years, he has built a network of strategic contacts in these sectors, as well as in the academic world.

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514 439-9724 # 227

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Camille Payant

Camille Payant, M.Sc.

Camille has a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a master’s degree in animal sciences from Laval University. Her particular expertise is the impact of climate change on Quebec dairy farms. She joined Groupe AGÉCO’s team of analysts in 2019.

Camille’s combined agronomic expertise and knowledge of responsible agricultural practices bring a complementary perspective to Groupe AGÉCO’s corporate responsibility work in the agri-food sector. Her ability to summarize complex information in communications with stakeholders is an invaluable asset. Camille works on a broad array of assignments for Groupe AGÉCO, including farm-level best practice evaluations, participatory approaches, providing survey support, and data analysis.

Camille also studied in France during her bachelor’s degree to acquire a broader range of knowledge of other animal production methods.

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418 527-4681 # 237

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Catherine Brodeur
Partner, Vice-President – Economic Studies

Catherine Brodeur, M.Sc., agr.

The vice-president of economic studies and a partner since 2009, Catherine Brodeur is an agriculture economist. Before joining Groupe AGÉCO in 2001, she was an analyst at the Financière agricole du Québec.

A leading expert in agricultural economy and policies, Catherine is recognized for her acute project design skills, critical sense and strategic thinking to support organizations in the agri-food sector. She has focused her career on economic and political analysis in the agri-food sector, the collective marketing of agricultural products, international trade and the energy issue.

A noted speaker, Catherine is in strong demand in Québec’s agriculture sector. She is also a lecturer in the Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences at Université Laval.

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418 527-4681 # 234

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Cédéanne Simard
Senior Advisor– Corporate Responsibility

Cédéanne Simard, arch.

Originally trained as an architect, Cédéanne Simard spent several years working in professional architectural services firms, developing her expertise in sustainable construction and buildings. Certified LEED Professional in 2006, she has been involved in more than fifteen environmental building certification projects. She joined the AGÉCO Group in October 2020 as a Senior Consultant.

Throughout her professional career, Cédéanne held positions as a corporate analyst from 2008 to 2014, in which her role and expertise were developed across a range of social responsibility files, particularly in responsible procurement. From 2014 to 2020, she acted as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ). This role enabled her to work on the strategic planning of sustainable development issues, the implementation of indicators and targets, and the tracking of the organization’s action plans.

Renowned for her communication skills and her ability to summarize and adapt, Cédéanne is able to oversee strategic and varied projects, always striving to find winning solutions in collaboration with all stakeholders.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Charlotte La Haye-Côté

Charlotte La Haye-Côté, B.Sc., M.Ing.

With a background in environmental toxicology, Charlotte completed a master’s degree in environmental engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), where she developed her knowledge of life cycle assessment (LCA). Her master’s project focused on the energy consumption impact of teleworking during the pandemic at ÉTS. Charlotte joined the AGÉCO Group team in 2021 to participate in the shift towards more sustainable business practices.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has acquired experience in assisting municipalities on various environmental challenges, allowing her to develop a practical understanding of the business and regulatory environment in which municipalities operate on environmental issues. At AGÉCO, she notably worked on carbon footprint, LCA and environmental product declaration (EPD) projects.

Curious and versatile, Charlotte stands out for her diversified interests in the field of corporate responsibility and for her collaborative approach. Her thoroughness and passion are acknowledged by her peers and the partners she works with.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Elsa Moawad

Elsa Moawad, M.Sc.

Elsa Moawad holds a degree in chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as a research master’s in industrial engineering from Polytechnique Montréal’s International Reference Center for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG). Initially joining the AGÉCO Group team in 2019 as a corporate responsibility analyst, she has been a consultant since 2022.

Her background has led her to develop a wide range of skills, both in conducting analysis (LCAs, GHG assessments, etc.) and in supporting strategic initiatives (roadmaps, action plans, etc.). She is particularly interested in eco-design projects and has extensive knowledge in the packaging industry.

Widely recognized for her presentation skills and ability to popularize science, Elsa is equally passionate about human relations, complex project management and business development. She stands out for her strong ability to build professional relationships.

Me joindre
418 527-4681 # 238

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Geneviève Martineau
Consultant – Corporate Responsibility

Geneviève Martineau,, M. Sc.A.

Geneviève holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemical engineering from Polytechnique Montréal. She first worked with the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in bioprocesses for environmental remediation, designing treatment systems, developing contaminated site management strategies, and implementing decision-support tools.

In 2004, she joined the CIRAIG team as a technical coordinator and senior analyst in life cycle assessment (LCA), and carried out multiple research projects in collaboration with various public and industry organizations. Since 2017, Geneviève has been collaborating with Groupe AGÉCO as an LCA specialist and as a multidisciplinary technical resource.

She is pleased to assist our team members with a wide range of projects. Geneviève loves humans and practices meditation as well as shiatsu.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Hugues Imbeault-Tétreault
Scientific Affairs Advisor - Corporate Responsibility

Hugues Imbeault-Tétreault, Eng. M.A.Sc.

Trained as a physics engineer, Hugues Imbeault-Tétreault holds a master’s degree from Polytechnique Montréal’s International Reference Center for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG). He subsequently held a position there as an analyst for over six years, acquiring extensive expertise in environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). In February 2018, he joined the AGÉCO Group as an analyst. As of February 2021, he acts as Scientific Affairs Advisor for the Corporate Responsibility Department.

Hugues is a recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) auditor and an experienced LCA reviewer with more than a dozen critical reviews in his portfolio. He is also ISO-14064-3 trained. His numerous assignments with various levels of government and companies have also given him expertise in producing EPDs, carbon footprints, water footprints, corporate GHG inventories, the circular economy, total cost of ownership (TCO) and the monetization of LCA indicators. He is particularly familiar with the sustainable building, agrifood, packaging and energy transition industries.

Renowned for his professionalism and thoroughness, Hugues demonstrates versatility in executing projects and curiosity in exploring new subjects.

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514 439-9724 # 244

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Isabelle Charron
Partner, Senior Advisor

Isabelle Charron, M.Sc., agr.

An agro-economist by training, Isabelle was the first person to join Groupe AGÉCO’s adventure when it was founded in 2000. In 2009, she joined the consulting firm as a partner, aiming to actively contribute to the company’s growth and infuse her unique perspective into its operations. In turn Analyst, Consultant, Director of Economic Research, then President of the company from 2013, Isabelle chose to hand over the presidency to her colleague Jean-Michel in 2023.

Isabelle continues to act as a senior advisor to customers. Her communication skills and her ability to provide strategic guidance are a valued asset for our team. Agri-food has been an important part of her life since childhood, and she enjoys participating in the sustainable development of this noble field, which nourishes human beings in so many ways.

Isabelle is also an important mentor on the AGÉCO team. She likes to think of herself as a participant in the company’s "permaculture": making it a harmonious, productive, autonomous, naturally regenerative working ecosystem that respects nature and its team members.

She is a member of the Ordre des Agronomes and sits on the organizing committee of the Perspectives agroalimentaires of the Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ).

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418 527-4681 # 225

Groupe AGÉCO | Our team

Jean-Charles Battini, TREP Eng., M. Eng.

Jean-Charles graduated in mechanical and materials engineering from the École d’ingénierie des Mines d’Alès (France), and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in sustainable design and manufacturing from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He joined the AGÉCO Group in 2023 as a corporate responsibility intern. He has been an analyst since 2024.

Driven by strong environmental values and a steadfast commitment to ecology, Jean-Charles joined our team to contribute to the environmental and social transition of our economy and to become a driving force for change at his own level. At AGÉCO, he contributed to several life cycle assessment (LCA) projects for buildings and drafted environmental product declarations, notably for aluminum, wood and steel. Prior to this, Jean-Charles also carried out management consulting projects, conducted development research on environmentally friendly materials and fuels, and participated in the development of Canada’s LCA database on construction materials.

Jean-Charles has a marked interest in eco-design and materials. A keen listener he is trained in a wide range of disciplines, is always eager to learn and enjoys keeping abreast of environmental developments in Quebec and around the world. His thoroughness and team spirit are key assets in meeting the needs of companies working with Groupe AGÉCO.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Jean-Michel Couture
Partner, President

Jean-Michel Couture, M.Sc.

Jean-Michel is an agricultural economist from Laval University (Québec, Canada). He joined Groupe AGÉCO in 2011. In 2013, he was appointed to the roles of Senior Consultant and Partner. As AGÉCO embarked on its third decade of operations, Jean-Michel was subsequently nominated as President to spearhead the company's development. As an agricultural economist, he has gained experience in the fields of agricultural policy, international trade legislation, and trade analysis. As an expert in the field of corporate responsibility applied to the agri-food sector, Jean-Michel has been involved in several Canadian and European projects involving the review, analysis, and development of sustainability standards. Over the years, he participated in the development and implementation of new approaches to assess and report on sustainability performance in a comprehensive way, including the social life cycle assessment methodology. Jean-Michel was involved in numerous projects of national and international scope which gave him a solid and detailed understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities facing the Canadian agricultural industry. As an experienced communicator, Jean-Michel has been called since 2009 to speak at various events on topics of interest in the agri-food industry globally.

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514 439-9724 # 210

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Julie Arcand
Consultant, Business Relations

Julie Arcand

Julie has a degree in sustainable development and marketing from HEC Montréal.

As a dynamic professional with over 15 years’ experience in the agri-food sector working for large organizations, Julie has been involved in management and business development for strategic customer accounts. She specializes in developing lasting partnerships in collaboration with multifunctional teams. She achieves successful results by developing solid relationships based on respect and openness, and by mobilizing teams and stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Julie is renowned for her passionate drive to create added value for her partners and her community. Genuine and driven by a strong work ethic, she has made a commitment to the AGÉCO Group to help build a more sustainable, resilient and equitable world for current and future generations. As a consultant, she supports her customers in integrating corporate responsibility and ESG factors into their business decisions and practices.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Julie-Anne Chayer
Vice President – Corporate Responsibility Services

Julie-Anne Chayer, Eng.

Julie-Anne has headed the firm’s corporate responsibility service since June 2018, prior to which she was the director of business relations for over three years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Polytechnique Montréal.

Julie-Anne actively contributes to mandates as a content expert and project manager and is a specialist in ISO standards related to environmental life cycle analysis. She provides support to businesses of various sizes and sectors in integrating life cycle thinking in their business processes. Through her work, she has developed a unique expertise in the agri-food and sustainable building sectors, in which she is especially active and recognized.

She joined Quantis Canada when it was founded in 2010 and was with the company until it became part of AGÉCO in March 2015. At Quantis, she was a senior life cycle assessment (LCA) analyst and the director of business development. From 2002 to 2010, she was a member of the CIRAIG (LCA research centre). During her studies, Julie-Anne carried out an international cooperation project in El Salvador. She gained her first experience in the environmental field working for Solvay in Belgium.

Julie-Anne is often invited to speak on environmental LCA topics and is a leading figure in Québec’s sustainable building sector. She has been Chair of the Board of Directors of Bâtiment durable Québec since June 2016 and is often called upon to develop and provide training in this sector.

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514 439-9724 # 239

Groupe AGÉCO | Our team | Julien Beaulieu
Senior Analyst

Julien Beaulieu

Julien Beaulieu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Concordia University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal. He joined the team in 2022 as a corporate responsibility senior analyst.

Previously, he worked as a researcher at the CTTÉI and founded the Research Chair in Industrial and Territorial Ecology in 2019. He participated in the development of the Synergie Québec community, continuing his actions and reflections initiated at the master’s level on the use of machine learning to guide industrial symbioses that bring together companies that value residual materials. The tools he has developed are based on various methodologies such as simplified life cycle analysis, material flow analysis, circularity assessment and environmental accounting. He has also participated in major studies on various subjects such as textiles, industrial GHGs and forest products.

Julien wishes to use his knowledge of the circular economy and his analytical skills to help companies move towards more sustainable practices.

Contact me
514 439-9724

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Kristelle Audet
Senior Advisor

Kristelle Audet, M.Sc.

An economist by training, Kristelle holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Warwick (UK) and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from HEC Montréal. In 2020, she joined the AGÉCO Group, where she leads and conducts various studies to develop knowledge and adoption of practices that contribute to the vitality of the environment, society and the economy of Québec and Canada. Prior to joining the Groupe AGÉCO, Kristelle worked for nearly 10 years at the Conference Board of Canada, where she conceptualized and directed numerous studies for public and private sector clients.

At AGÉCO over the past few years, she has produced, among other things, a portrait of aluminum scrap recycling, a study on the integration of GHG criteria in public tenders, a portrait of the bioeconomy in Bas-Saint-Laurent, as well as participating in strategic planning in the agri-food sector.

Kristelle brings a holistic understanding of economic, social and environmental issues. She envisions a future in which the economy is no longer an end in itself, but a platform for individuals, organizations and societies to achieve their goals, while protecting the ecosystems they are part of.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Madavine Tom
Director - Corporate Responsibility

Madavine Tom, Eng.

Madavine Tom is Director of the Corporate Responsibility Department, after nearly 10 years as an analyst with the Groupe AGÉCO and Quantis Canada. She holds a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering.

Madavine has carried out numerous environmental life-cycle analyses in the textile, agri-food, packaging, information technology and construction sectors, as well as working on carbon footprints, environmental product declarations (EPDs) and the development of calculation tools and methodological frameworks. She has participated in the development of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets aligned with science, and supported several organizations in their accountability and responsible communications exercises.

Always on the lookout for new market requirements and trends, she offers customized support to help organizations align their strategic approach with the latest scientific advances and the evolution of their business environment. Madavine is a professional renowned for her attention to detail and ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms.

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418 527-4681 # 221

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Marie-Ève Lamoureux
Senior Analyst - Investigation and Database Management

Marie-Ève Lamoureux, M.Sc

Trained as an economist, Marie-Ève holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in economics from the Université de Sherbrooke. She joined Groupe AGÉCO in October 2018 as an analyst in the economic studies department.

Marie-Ève worked for two years at La Milanaise and Les Moulins de Soulanges where she supported the organization analyzing economic data, coordinating research and development projects, and developing profitability indicators. In 2017–2018, as an economic analyst at the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP), she helped the organization in its use of business intelligence for issues affecting the industry. She helped to build the Association’s position on various issues, based on a reliable and contextualized economic case statement.

Marie-Ève stands out for her expertise in the deployment of surveys—specifically online surveys—and database management. She specializes in the development of collection, data entry and validation tools. In addition to her ability to perform statistical analyses, she designs surveys and polls, develops sampling plans, does programming and validates and manages databases. At Groupe AGÉCO, she has revived her interest in the agri-food sector and her desire to support its development.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Marieke Head
Senior Analyst

Marieke Head, Ph.D

Marieke has been working with the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach in an academic and corporate context for 15 years. A graduate in chemical engineering from Queen's University (Ontario), she holds a master's degree in environmental policy from Roskilde University (Denmark). She completed her PhD in industrial engineering at Polytechnique Montréal's International Reference Center on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG) in September 2019 on the topic of biogenic carbon in wood-based products. She joined the Groupe AGÉCO team in February 2021.

Marieke worked for six years in the Netherlands as an LCA analyst and consultant at TNO and CE Delft. She also collaborated on several LCA contracts in Montreal for CIRAIG, Forêt d'Arden (la Coop FA), Natural Resources Canada, the Nature Conservancy and CT Consultant. Through these roles and at AGÉCO, she has carried out dozens of LCA studies in the industrial sectors of agrifood, energy, packaging, construction and infrastructure, and waste management.

Marieke is a professional renowned for her meticulousness and rigor, who takes to heart the success of the projects and partners she accompanies.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Marine Hacquart
Talent Management Lead

Marine Hacquart

With a Master’s degree in International Management from France and a rich background in human resources, Marine joined the AGÉCO team in 2022 as the talent management lead.

Having first specialized in international talent acquisition, she then turned her career towards HR team management in start-up and growing companies. First in Paris and then internationally, Marine actively participated in the creation of two places of business in Canada for a French company, supporting her teams in HR operations and change management.

Marine really cares about the well-being and development of talent. She brings her natural goodwill to the AGÉCO team.

Contact me
514 918-1550

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Mélanie St-Pierre
Director, Business Relations

Mélanie St-Pierre, M.Sc.

Mélanie St-Pierre holds a bachelor's degree in communications and a master's degree in management, with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. She joined the AGÉCO Group team in June 2021 as Director of Business Relations. Mélanie has ten years of experience with Cascades, working mainly as a Sustainable Development Consultant.

Her background has led her to develop a variety of skills in supporting projects and strategic approaches to corporate responsibility, from defining targets and action plans to ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting. She has an in-depth knowledge of climate change and responsible packaging issues. A team player with an open and collaborative approach, Mélanie is known for her drive, interpersonal skills, and thoroughness.

Her ability to summarize information and her customer-focused approach make her a partner dedicated to the success of all the projects she supports.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Noémie Groleau

Noémie Groleau, MBA

Noémie holds an MBA specialized in social and environmental responsibility and a BAA in marketing and international management from Université Laval. At AGÉCO, she has been working as an analyst in the Corporate Responsibility (CR) department since November 2021, more specifically assisting companies from different business sectors to develop and deploy their CR strategy.

Her academic and professional experiences have enabled her to develop skills in qualitative research, communication, stakeholder consultation and project management. As part of her final Master's project, she focused on the relationship between mining companies and Canada's aboriginal communities. A mandate then took her to Indonesia, where she supported local entrepreneurs in adopting more responsible business processes. Noémie has also worked with the municipal sector, offering training and tools to help implement projects aimed at increasing territorial resilience.

Noémie is motivated by the idea of helping organizations from all sectors adapt to environmental and social challenges. Recognized for her rigor, creativity and adaptability, she places great importance on reconciling points of view and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve sustainable solutions.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Our team
Office manager

Océane Leblond

Océane is a dynamic and versatile administration, human resources management and office management professional.

Originally from France, her atypical professional path led her from France to Australia, then to Quebec. With a bachelor’s degree in human resources management and an advanced vocational training certificate in Hotel and Catering Management, she has acquired solid expertise in these fields.

Her experience as a Maître d’Hôtel gave her outstanding customer service and personnel management skills. Having demonstrated her ability to reinvent herself and rise to new challenges, Océane now holds the role of Office and Administration Manager at Groupe AGÉCO.

What sets Océane apart is her drive and proactivity, always striving to create added value to the team and the company. Her commitment to the company’s culture of valuing talent and fostering a sense of belonging makes her a valued and appreciated asset.

Contact me
(514) 439-9724

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Rosalie-Maude St-Arnaud
Director - Economic Studies

Rosalie-Maude St-Arnaud, B.Sc.

With Groupe AGÉCO since 2007, Rosalie-Maude St-Arnaud is a trained agro-economist. In addition to her role as Senior Advisor to various customer groups, Rosalie has been Director of the Economic Studies Department since 2022.

Her areas of expertise include market, opportunity and feasibility studies, sector diagnoses, strategic planning and regulatory assessments related to environmental practices and working conditions. Rosalie has in-depth knowledge of several sectors, including poultry and eggs, ornamental horticulture, alcoholic beverages and emerging productions. She is a highly skilled qualitative researcher and data analyst.

Her sharp insight into consumer trends and in-depth knowledge of market data, particularly in the agri-food sector, make Rosalie an experienced advisor who can offer personalized support.

Contact me
418 527-4681 # 237

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Ryan Johnson
Senior Analyst

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson joined Groupe AGÉCO as an analyst in 2023 after having worked on several projects with the company as a collaborator. His experience includes community and economic development strategies, and climate change planning with municipalities across Ontario. Ryan also has international experience as an editor-journalist, reporting on sustainability issues facing agriculture around the world. His broader editorial work includes academic editing and publication with researchers at the Universities of Guelph, Toronto, and Waterloo.

Ryan is currently a PhD candidate in the Sustainability Management program with the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo. With input from the sector’s key actors, he constructs potential future scenarios and assesses their sustainability implications to support strategic decision-making and methodologies which aim to improve the prosperity of people and the planet.

Ryan practises collaboration, transparency, compassion, and high-quality research in his work. During times of such rapid change, he is excited to work with the creative and innovative team at Groupe AGÉCO to develop sustainable and positive solutions for all.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Our team

Saghar Sadaghiani

With a deep-rooted love for nature and a burning desire to make a positive impact, she has embarked on a journey to bridge her passion and education. Holding a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Iran, her academic background laid the foundation for her pursuit of a career aligned with her values.

Throughout her academic journey, she discovered a profound interest in the intersection of science and environmental responsibility. This led her to further explore the field of Environmental Engineering, culminating in the achievement of a Master of Science degree (Thesis Title: Life cycle assessment of bioenergy production using wood pellets: The case of remote communities in Canada). In January 2024, Saghar joined Groupe AGÉCO as an Agro-Environment and Life Cycle Analyst.

In addition to her formal education, she has earned several certifications that reflect her commitment to sustainable practices. Notably, she holds the LEED Green Associate certification, serving as a testament to her expertise in sustainable building practices and environmental stewardship.

Contact me
418 262-6688

Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Sandrine Ducruc
Consultant - Qualitative approaches and facilitation

Sandrine Ducruc, M.Sc.Env.

Sandrine Ducruc is trained as a geographer and holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. She joined Groupe AGÉCO in October 2018 as an analyst on the economic studies team.

Sandrine worked for five years at the Centre of Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA), where she coordinated numerous research projects, in particular, in the fields of farm waste management, territorialized agri-food systems, succession and the agricultural establishment, and urban agriculture.

Sandrine has in-depth knowledge of qualitative research methods and open innovation approaches, including living labs and participatory action research. She has developed marked abilities for facilitating focus groups, think-tank workshops and one-on-one interviews.

Sandrine is known for her strong interpersonal skills, which facilitate collaboration between parties that sometimes have opposing interests.

Contact me
418 527-4681 # 230

Groupe AGÉCO | Our team
Project Manager, Sustainable Building

Sarah Guermonprez

Sarah Guermonprez holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Engineering from the École des Mines de Nancy (France), followed by a Master’s degree in Geoengineering from the Geosciences and Civil Engineering Department of the same institution. Having already shown an interest in environmental issues, Sarah spent a semester studying in Norway to specialize in topics such as climate change and life cycle assessment (especially in buildings).

She joined AGÉCO Group in 2022 as a corporate responsibility analyst.

Before coming to Montréal, Sarah worked as an engineer in environmental building design for five years in an international design office in Paris. During this experience, she carried out numerous building LCA studies and managed projects with ambitious objectives to achieve various environmental certifications.

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Groupe AGÉCO | Notre équipe | Simon Nadeau
Senior Analyst

Simon Nadeau, B.Sc.

A member of the Groupe AGÉCO team since 2019, Simon Nadeau is a senior analyst in the Economic Studies Department and a McGill University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics.

Prior to joining Groupe AGÉCO, Simon worked for four years at an agri-environmental advisory club where he participated in numerous applied and research-based projects in vegetable and berry production. Simon also holds a college diploma in farm management and technology, and has contributed to the implementation of vegetable, maple syrup, and beekeeping production projects, earning him a wealth of field experience that enables him to readily understand current and emerging issues in the agri-food sector.

Simon completed his graduate studies in management and sustainable development at HEC Montreal in 2023. Simon’s in-depth knowledge of agricultural techniques, analytical and curious mind, and acute business sense are only matched by his ambition to further expand sustainable development practices, making him a key collaborator on a diversity of impactful projects with the AGÉCO team.

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